Does your site work without 'www'?

If not, you could be losing valuable visitors and traffic from Google. We can help you fix that in under 5 minutes today for only $0.99 per month!

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Why should I sign up?

If your users get an error when trying to visit your website without 'www' in front of the domain, then you need Root301! As well as losing these users, your site's Google ranking can be adversely affected by broken pages without the 'www' being indexed. This is known as the 'naked domain problem'.

While some web hosts will allow you to correct this yourself, if you're hosting on services like Heroku or AWS, a dedicated IP may not be readily available. This can mean that correcting this issue requires extra server configuration and setup work on your side. This is where Root301 comes in!

How does help?

We will redirect any users looking for your site without the 'www' to the working version of the same page. To the end user, this will be a seamless process. We also ensure that the redirection is done in such a way that Google will start to transfer any link value on broken, non-www links to your site to the working link, ultimately resulting in better rankings in Google results.

In order to do this, once you sign up we'll send you an email containing instructions on the one simple change you've to make to start using Root301. Within 5 minutes from now you could have this problem fixed, permanently!

How much does this cost?

This service is available at a flat fee of just $0.99 per month. This fee remains the same regardless of how many redirects we're performing for you.

To get started, click the Fix my domain now! button above, enter your credit card details, and get this issue sorted in under 5 minutes!